We'll Go Somewhere Where There's CLAYMATION!

Wallace and Gromit, The California Raisins, oh no and can't forget Mr. Bill... Claymation has a long history dating back to 1897!  Like anything, it has evolved over time especially with the insert of a mobile device, the iPad. Let's take a peek into Mrs. Delaney's 6th Grade Art Class to see how it's changed!

By the time I came into the Art room, the process was already in midstream. Students were grouped together to work as a production team. Most of the work began earlier with developing an idea or story line with characters, dialogue, props and scenes.

The next step was to storyboard those ideas into scenes including the mapping out the details of character movements and actions and any props needed. 

Third, the group had to create the characters from clay, find props and paint the background scene on cardboard.  They also had to figure out how to make the movements happen- what wires or tools were needed to make the changes in expression or how the character moved on camera. The iPad became a useful reference tool during this part of the process.

 Fourth, time to shoot and record the video! This required ultimate teamwork in communicating, assigning roles, and executing the plan!  All with fun too!

The students used a  Stop Motion App  (free version) to snap incremental photos of their story.
But, there was still production left on recording voice overs or adding music, 
or adding title and credit slides.
This is where iMovie comes in for a little appsmashing!

Once those Claymation projects are finalized, 
come back as I'll post them here with 
great anticipation!

My brief experience in the 6th grade Art class, left me
saying.. Wow, This class was full of engaged, creative, motivated learners!
Sign me up! I want to be in that class!



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