The Medfield School District launched  Google Apps for Education district-wide for teachers and students last year. This year we have gone full-scale in also transitioning from First Class ( to using gmail as our primary means of  email communication.

 In addition to staff, students who are in grades 4-12 have a school google account already created by the district. It differs from a personal gmail/google account in that Medfield Public Schools has full control over setting up the account and managing the  access to different Google apps: gmail, drive, blogger, etc.

Student  accounts will be used in a variety of ways from  contacting teachers via gmail, saving their work to google drive, creating and collaborating with google docs, sheets and slides and more. One of the real benefits is that their accounts can be access across platforms (PC, MAC) and devices whether they are at home, school or anywhere with an internet connection. You'll notice another benefit for students is in the organization aspect of auto saving work and being able to locate it much easier than paper copies stuffed in a backpack.

Therefore,  it'll be important for students (and their parents) to know how to log into their school google from any computer and device. Follow the directions below.

1. From a Browser (preferably Chrome), go to
2. Click on the blue SIGN IN button in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Type in your school username/ password.
     Student Usernames: firstinitial middleinitial lastname YOG

     Passwords:  At least 8 Characters-  suggested to use the same password as their school
     network login.

     * If this is your first time logging in, your teacher will provide the password & have you
       change it.

     * If you need it reset, please contact the Technology Integration Specialists:
           Diane Horvath Blake MS
           or Neal Sonnenberg Dale St., High School


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