Stop Motion Science

8Science students collaborated in the creation of a LEGO Stop Motion Video to demonstrate their understanding of substances and different types of Elements. They created a story line that included MONATOMIC ELEMENTS, DIATOMIC COMPOUND and TRIATOMIC COMPOUNDS!

New Blakers!

Welcome Dash and Dot! AfterSchool Coding Club members are test-driving the new robots which will soon be integrated into the Science curriculum.

Digital Learning Day 6th Discussion Panel

Medfield School District held its 3rd annual Digital Learning Day Conference filled with over 60 workshops for K-12 teachers in district and from schools out-of-district. Wellesley 6th Grade teachers joined Blake's 6th teachers and students for a discussion on their initial year of having 1:1 iPads in the classroom.

A Shout Out to Medfield HS/MS Student Volunteers

Our Digital Learning Day Conference wouldn't have been possible without the support of our wonderful Medfield HS Students and Blake MS students. This photo was taken at the beginning of the day, during a briefing with Neal Sonnenbergy (HS Tech Integration Specialist)

Look out for these future App Developers

This group of Blake MS girls are entered into the Global Competition, Technovation to design a mobile app that solves a community/social issue. Wish them Luck! The final pitch is on May 1st @ Microsoft NERD Center!

Took the Show on the Road

Blake MS Principal Nat Vaughn and 8Science Teacher Jason Heim presented about the Blake iPad Initiative at the LearnLaunch Conference, Harvard Business School.

Green Screen App Smashing

At our final EdTechTeacher Workshop, 6th/7th Grade Teachers explored their creative side by layering green screen videos over images for engaging instructional videos. It was total fun!

Convert Smells to Energy = Smellergy!

Nicolina is changing the world one nose at a time! Her entry was clearly on track with dreaming, designing, and delivering an energy-saving idea into the Blake Energy Invention Contest!

Sometimes the Ideas start here

Planning and drawing out a story board before the creation of an Explain Everything project is an essential step in the process!


Augmented Reality. Coming to a Classroom Near You!

Augmented RealityNo, it's not a sci-fi movie or latest video game ... although it will add some futuristic elements to your classroom!

In simple terms, with the Aurasma or Layar app on an iOS or Android device, any image can become a trigger that's linked to other resources: 3D animations, self-made videos, youtube videos, other images, websites, audio recordings, etc. When scanned by a device with the AR app, you'll see how a flat image is brought to life! Amazing!

In last month's Nexus & iPad workshops with @gregkulowiec and @brhollandBlake MS educators explored AR's potential integration into their classrooms (and not to mention, ease of use!). Educators quickly discovered how it can bring interactivity, offer dynamic ways for students to consume content and how easily layers of support can be built-in for directions, background knowledge, & more.   

Watch a demo by our very own 6th grade Math Teacher, Mr. Millard!

Mrs. McClelland (@CynMcCl) was the first teacher to dive right in! Her recent Islamic unit is filled with rich content. She already incorporates beautifully-produced images from her curriculum materials to help with teaching the concepts and information. This time, these images evolved into more... she created triggers on them to take students to videos and other media. It was now just a matter of simply posting the images around her room, creating a graphic organizer for students to record information and there it is- an interactive scavenger hunt of learning!

Let's head over to the 6th grade hallway where the Koala cluster happens to be piloting the Nexus 10 tablets 1:1.  That didn't stop them from partnering up with the other two clusters to share their technology and Augmented Reality adventure to space! All three science teachers: Mrs. Heim, Mrs. Muscatell, and Ms. Dengos transformed their usual project to an interactive experience using the Layar AppStudents were then divided into space teams of one from each cluster and were given the mission to visit each poster, scan the images for information, and then discuss and answer questions on paper.  Take a look into their classrooms as the students move from one place to another.

I think it's safe to say, "Mission: Successfully Completed!"
And this is only the beginning of how Medfield teachers are taking these tools
to enhance and redefine instruction and learning.

Visit these additional AR resources to learn more:

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