Apple IDs

  For this initiative all students must have their own Apple ID that is separate from a family-owned or a personal account.  We are asking that you create the school Apple ID using the school Gmail accounts (i.e. johndoe2021) to provide consistency and a 'home base' for all school work.  As a reminder the school Gmail accounts are...

Incoming 6th Grade
Incoming 7th Grade
Incoming 8th Grade

Individuals must be 13 years old to create Apple ID accounts.

 For those students under age 13, Apple ID accounts will be set up through the School Apple ID Enrollment Program.  Parents of these students should be receiving an e-mail from Apple requesting verification to establish an Apple ID through the Medfield Public Schools.  

For more information about this process, check out the links below...

These accounts should be set up prior to the start of the school year.  We strongly recommend that accounts should be non-credit card accounts.  The directions for this process/procedure can be found at this link:  Non-Credit Card Account Procedure.

How to establish a secure password for you Apple ID:   Apple ID Password Security


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