PTA: Back Up Your Work in Explain Everything & Notability

Attention all Students: 
I want to remind you about the importance of backing up your work particularly when using Explain Everything and Notability. Many students have stopped by my office after their iPad crashes! Even if you have iCloud setup, you must MUst MUST follow these steps to save your work in these two apps.

 Explain Everything only saves locally to your iPad. It does not save to iCloud. Therefore, you will need to EXPORT any work created in EE to Google Drive.

First, make sure Explain Everything is connected to your Google Account. Export your work as a PROJECT File. It's quicker and will allow students to continue editing their work.  

  For more info, click the link below.

Second, Make this the last step in  your workflow routine when using Explain Everything!
Everytime you create something, end the class with exporting it to EE!

* The end result: IF your iPAD ever crashes, you can open EE import your work AND not miss a beat!

Notability will backup your work automatically if the BACKUP settings for Google Drive is Turned ON! Open the App < Go to Settings Gear (bottom lefthand corner), Login to Google< That’s IT! Your work will be autosaved in a Notability folder in Google Drive.

Please let me know if you have questions - Hopefully, this will help you from losing anything!



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