New! Parent Workshop Series: All About Google

Our parent community has asked! And we're responding! As important as it is to provide professional development and support to staff and training to students, do not forgot one other key component.. PARENTS! Just think.. with Medfield's move to a digital world of communication, workflow and creation to prepare students with 21st Century Skills, parents not only need to be informed, but also educated with what we're asking students to do in our schools!

This October, Blake MS has begun to offer Friday Parent Workshops. We launched with our Google Series of 3 workshops: Understanding Google Apps for Ed/ Gmail for the Medfield District, Google Calendars in the Classroom and now, Google Drive as the new Workflow.

Our first two workshops had a great turnout with 25+ parents participating. However, if you were not able to attend or missed out, links to the presentations are found at the top of this website. Also, our third workshop of the series is being held this Friday on Halloween. Please note, that the location has changed to the Blake's computer lab (see info on invite below).

This Google Drive workshop will focus learning Google Drive on the computer, please do bring your iPad with the following apps installed: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Click on the image below for a list of direct links to the iTunes Store.

A quick note those who attended the Google Calendar Session-  We spent time learning about having your child share their homework calendar with you (if s/he is recording HW on Google Cal) and subscribing to the Cluster Calendars (particularly the 7th grade cluster cals). You'll find that there is an issue that needs to be resolved on our end in order for this to happen. A Google Admin setting needs to be changed to give you access to seeing the details of the calendar instead of busy/available. Please stay tuned as this may take a day or two.

* We're also in the process of hopefully getting the district calendar to be shared as a google cal through the district website too-- which will allow you to subscribe to it.

Any questions, comments, do not hesitate to contact me! dhorvath@email.medfield.net



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