Digital Notes on a Friday! DC Trip, Google Hangouts, App Updates & more.

Happy Friday--Here are a few tech updates to keep you in the loop!

Borrowing Devices
In the past couple of weeks, many poor iPad screens have been shattered. Luckily, extra iPads are available for students to borrow until they get a replacement, if available. I ask that students do use a passcode or install apps under their own Apple ID. All apps are installed that are needed or please see me.  Also, try to return the device as soon as possible and don't forget the charger too! Thanks!

Washington DC trip.
Generally, parents and well, anyone can follow along Blake's 8th Grade Washington DC field trip on Twitter using the #blakeindc hashtag. This year.. we're also going to try to have them 
Google Hangout into Blake each day to talk about their trip-in-progress and for the students at Blake to be able to ask questions. I will try to record this so it's available to watch at a later time too. Stay tuned!

Also, we can’t let the 8th Grade have all the fun! The LMC will be offering a few Makerspace challenges throughout the week to introduce and let students explore the Makey Makey kit, Osmo Masterpiece and Dash and Dot Robot and--Teachers, feel free to take on the challenges too!

Google Updates:
Make sure you update your Google Docs and Slides apps.. you are now able to add images to both! In Slides, users can add shapes and create/edit tables!.

Paper Fifty Three App Update:
This drawing app has an update called Think Kit. Visual Learners will love the ability to draw using all the tools for free, to create diagrams, and the new fill and cut & rearrange feature.

That’s all for now- Happy Weekend!



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