#advise4yourdevice: I forgot my passcode..SOS!

With our Bring Your Own iPad program at Blake MS, understanding how to manage your personal iPad has been another layer of learning for students and teachers. Of course, it is based on perspective as to whether that is a positive or not. Either way.. everyone benefits from understanding how to set up their devices to take advantage of some its built-in features.

One situation that occurs far too common is the ummm... I forgot my passcode. Typically, you will end up with the DISABLED screen if attempted too many times.  Basically, you are forced to restore your iPad, which could possibly mean losing some of your school work from the Explain Everything and Notability apps if you have not backed up your work to Google Drive.

This is where the Find My Phone app and an iCloud account can be a life-saver! It does the obvious by locating a missing device on a map. But, by putting your device in Lost Mode using a computer or another the Find My Phone app on another iOS device, it will lock your screen w/ new four-digit passcode that you set and lets you display a custom message, etc. 

1. Set up a free iCloud account using your Apple ID.
    Tap on Settings

2. Install the Find My Phone app.
3. Sign into the Find My iPhone app with your iCloud App.

Now you are set up! How does this work if I forget my iPad or misplace it?You should put it into Lost Mode immediately using Find My iPhone.
  • Access the Find MY iPhone app on another iOS device and sign into your iCloud/Apple ID Account.
  • OR you can go to the website: icloud.com/find to sign into iCloud/Account.
  • Turn on Lost Mode and set your passcode.
  • Go to your locked iPad and try the new passcode you set.
  • Viola.. you should be back in business!
  • The only glitch is that your iPad must be online (connected to the Internet) for this to work.
More information..tap here



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