Sand and Water Lab Remix!

This is the remix.. of Science.

The 8th Graders in +Jason Heim's Science Class covered the usual Sand and Water lab to learn about volume and density. With the options that the iPad offers, students put a touch of creativity to demonstrate their learning.

First up, students write a rap. Yes, a rap song to explain the steps to calculate the volume of sand and water. They took advantage of the Apple's Garageband app going FREE, wrote their lyrics and mixed up a fly beat to deliver their fresh Science rhyme!  Take a listen.

While another student chose to animate her narration of the Science lab using the Telligami app.
The Telligami apps lets you create an avatar, select a scene and add dialogue by recording your voice or typing in text.  If you notice, her scene is an actual photo of the experiment from class. How cool is that !

Creativity is one of those skills that is best developed with exploration.  Combine it with the learning objectives and the opportunities the iPad brings, you'll get these surprising results!



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