Parent iPad Highlight Sessions

As Blake MS launched the BYOiPad model this year, it's been a goal for us to have continual communication with the parent community and to offer opportunities for us to highlight student learning and work with the iPad being a new tool for many students and teachers.  Also, the sessions are open for discussions and Q & A between parents, teachers and students.

Our first round of Parent Highlight Sessions began on November 7 and 
November 7 @ 12:30 and November 12 @ 6pm

 All Grade 8 parents/guardians were invited to attend our iPad Highlights Information Sessions. 
Teachers across clusters as well as a handful of students demonstrated their work and explained how certain apps are integrated into classroom instruction.  View the presentation below.

Also, a few of our teachers were asked to select their own favorite app 'starting lineup'.
Click on the hotspots to view each of their homescreens with further examples
of student work and notes.

Any questions or comments? Any apps we forgot?
Please feel free to leave comments below.



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