Spring Cleaning Tips for your iPad! Sweep up those Photos!

Spring is the perfect time to clean things up including your iPad. As a BYOiPad school, students often have a big learning curve when it comes to managing their own device and its storage space.

 We learned that lesson with the last big update iOS 8.0. Students were constantly stopping by to 
get help with updating their iPads due to running into this very problem..

So to get ahead of the game before iOS 8.3 arrives (which plans to be another big one) by cleaning up storage space now. The best place to begin is by doing a clean sweep of your old photos and videos.  See the tips below. 

**Not sure how to perform that step?  The images contain hotspots for added support!
Be sure to click on the play buttons for How-To screencasts! 

This should get you off to a good start until the
 next installment of Spring Cleaning iPad Tips when we tackle your 
closet full of APPS!



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