Thanks to all AND .. Free Apps to Try! (can't beat that!)

Medfield's Digital Learning Day Conference is now over.. and it would not surprise me if some of you are still trying to upload /download your experience!:) Whew!

We wanted to take this time to express a huge THANK YOU to our many Medfield Educators and our guests for your willingness to share your work and knowledge by leading a workshop/presentation! To our Technology Dept, Cafeteria Staff and Student Helpers who volunteered on a day off to make everything run smoothly.

Also, we can not forget all of the participants for making it a tremendously fun and successful day of learning & sharing across and beyond our district!  Hope you feel the same! Please feel free to follow up with Neal, Debby and myself with any questions or comments or ideas.

Today I noticed a couple of free apps that fit with +Greg Kulowiec's Keynote and etc. that you might be interested in:

Paper 53 is now completely free.  Basically, a drawing/sketching app that is the perfect tool for those who attended Greg’s Follow-Up Keynote Session and are interested in giving Sketch-Visual Notetaking a try!  http://www.fiftythree.com/

Like this: Doodle Revolution
WatchTedTalk by Sunni Brown 

Toontastic- was announced as free on Feb. 4th. Looks like it still is! While it’s geared towards elementary.. anyone might find some use or fun in creating animated cartoons.
Graphite Review: Read

Workflow Apps: Greg has also discovered a more effective workflow connecting three tools: Evernote + Sunrise+ ToDoist that syncs both on his iPad and Mac. Read his post about it: 
http://kulowiectech.blogspot.com/2015/01/ios-productivity-workflow.html (I’m giving it a go!)  * His post has direct links to the apps.

*The Sunrise Calendar app integrates a number of other apps and multiple google accounts, worth a look!



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