Bienvenido Vamos a clase española con su ipad!

Our first week of the 2014-15 school year has been
extremely hectic for Blake Middle School students with
getting to know their new teachers, possibly a new school and 
learning with a new tool- the iPad!  Yes, this year also brings
over 700 mobile devices into the school with the expansion 
from 1:1 iPads at the  8th grade only to now including all grades.
So..things went from 0 to 100.. 300 quickly!

As you can imagine,
we cycled through some of these common techie questions/issues:
Who has an Apple ID? Do they have the apps they need? 
Can they log into their google accounts?
Do they know their network/wifi login?
Are they getting their passwords mixed up?
Homework? What homework? Where do I find that? 
How do you turn it in?

What was refreshing to see was Sra. Boulos' Spanish 1 Class
and how she began integrating iPads in an easy, purposeful way.
She took advantage of Youtube & earbuds:) to have students
individually listen and practice  the Spanish Alphabet for as many times
needed before singing it as a class and then returning to their iPads
to make their own personal recordings!

I found this to be a wonderful example of just keeping it simple.
Even though most students are pretty iPad-savvy, it's important to be mindful of
the students' learning curve in now having to use and manage it as an educational tool.

Bravo! Sra. Boulos!



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