Every month, Memorial School holds a very special assembly called the Get Along Gathering to promote social learning. This month's theme tackled the topic of RESPONSIBILITY! and Mrs. Colantoni's first graders stepped right up to the task!

And this time around.. we tried something new! Instead of playing the same ole tune (get it- hahaha) of just drawing and writing a sentence to share... the first graders turned to drama and their acting skills to produce their very own skits on the iPads.

Step 1: Planning
Mrs. Colantoni's class discussed what responsibility means and looks like in school.  Students were then divided  into teams of 2 or 3s and worked on drafting their ideas of what responsibility means on paper. (please excuse the ads)


Step 2: Creating & Collaborating on the Video Production

Get out the iPads and open the Toontastic app! Let's turn these situations into a skit with three scenes: a setup, problem and solution. Students were introduced to Toontastic and collaborated on choosing the scene and the characters. They rehearsed their dialogue, timing and character animations and then hit ACTION! to record. Maybe the best part was adding just the right mood music to put the finishing touch on each scene. (If you think about it, it's the first time they've ever incorporated music into their written work!) 

Shhh... Quiet on the Set- Production in Progress! 

  Step 3: Now Playing
Once all of the Toontastic skits were shared through dropbox, we imported them into Explain Everything to create one presentation or movie. Then it was ready for Dr. Quigley to present it to the school at the GAG assembly. It was a big hit! The students and teachers absolutely loved it and could relate to our examples of responsibility.   And now we're sharing it with all of you so hopefully you can learn more about being responsible too!:)

To learn more about Toontastic, visit their website. 



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