Swiping Holiday Cheer

With the arrival of new iPads at Wheelock School right before the holiday break, Mrs. Sheehan was eager to try out a simple festive activity to introduce iPads to her third graders.  We thought this clever, simple idea from a Czech Republic class (discovered through their posting/sharing via Google + ) would be perfect! Click here to view

Here's the Holiday Recipe:
Preparation- gathered 13 iPads & installed the Crayola: Paint & Create app
+ Introduced the Activity by watching the Czech Republic's class video and discussing what was their message and how did they create it. What could our simple Holiday Message be?

+ Demonstrated a quick tutorial on the how-to's of the Crayola app and saving the image to the camera roll. Also identified some iPad rules (stays on the table or rug-flat surface, only work in that app, etc.)

+ Paired the students up to share an iPad. It worked out nicely because there were 2 pairs of partners at each table. One set of partners would design the letters to the first word and the other set of partners designed the second word.

+When finished, each table had a chance to come to the rug where they would "perform" their message (swiping through the images in the camera roll) to music (while video recording from above).

+The end product of curating all videos was done using PlayPicPost (paid) app or you could use the Video Collage to then push to YouTube or Vimeo or save to the camera roll to upload anywhere else.

Without further ado...... Mrs. Sheehan's class presents: Swiping Holiday Cheer!

I can not even begin to tell you how thrilled these third graders
were in having the chance to integrate and create with the iPads.
It was so much fun being apart of their experience.

On the teacher end and reflecting back, this was an effective and
appropriate initial activity with not too many steps to complete, sharing and
working together with others, and learning the basics of the iPad all wrapped up in one.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea- +Tomáš Kováč

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!



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