iPad Distribution Sessions..here we go!

Doors open for students on September 3rd! 

This year brings excitement in the expansion of the 8th iPad 1:1 pilot when it goes full scale to every 8th grader.  The initiative also moved towards a Bring Your Own Device model with options for Lease-to-Own and district devices available for any family with financial need. 

See documentation on the Launching iPads page

For families who chose the Lease-to-Own option, Blake MS offered three iPad Distribution Sessions for families to pick-up their iPads and to receive setup instruction prior to the start of school year in August.
  • Returned signed AUP and recorded the device's serial number
  • Connected to the school WIFI 
  • Logged into new Google Apps for Ed. account 
  • Created a non-credit card iTunes account to be used for school purposes only 
  • Downloaded a list of Starter Apps
Starter App List for the iPad Classroom

Below is a core list of apps students should install for the first week of school. Most of the apps are free. Explain Everything is the only paid app in which the district will provide a redemption code for students to download the app during the first week.

App Function Notes
Cloud Storage and Sharing of Files Students will use Dropbox to share files with teachers and other students.  
Evernote Note-taking Students will use this as their primary notetaking tool across classes.
Nearpod Interactive Multimedia Presentations Students will be further engaged in teacher-directed presentation activities by responding to poll questions, submitting drawings and taking informal assessments.
Google Drive Cloud File Storage,
Online, Collaborative Word Processing, Presentations and more.
Students will access Google Drive via a school GMail account and will use to create, store and share files.
Explain Everything* A screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you record, annotate, animate, narrate & more. * This is a paid app which the District will provide for all students. Further instructions will be provided on how to download on the first day of school.
SkitchAnnotation and drawing app that supplements Evernote.Students will markup and annotate PDFs, images, maps, etc and send directly to Evernote.

Note for apps:
Once downloaded, please do not log-in or create accounts for these apps; this will be done at school.

Tips for being successful with the iPad:

  • Make sure your iPad is in your backpack in the morning when coming to school
  • Always bring your iPad fully charged to school; we recommend charging it at night when you are sleeping.
  • All your school related apps should be on the Home Screen of your iPad; all personal items should remain on other screens.
  • Your iPad should be in a case whenever it is in school
  • iPads should not be left in an unlocked locker or any unsupervised area; when in school your iPads should be stored in a locked locker.
  • iPads should not be used in gym, bathroom, halls, locker room, & lunchroom.
  • Make sure ‘Find my iPad’ is on.  This will allow your ipad to be located in case it is misplaced or stolen.   
  • Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Find My iPad> On
As students set up a number of different accounts, understanding how to create a secure password will be important. Check out the following slideshow & click here for more tips.
How to Create (use use) Strong & Unique Passwords from ConnectSafely

The session ended with devices ready-to-go for the first day! Nat Vaughn, Blake MS Principal left families with the message of feeling comfortable reaching out for support.. from your peers, teachers, technology department and your administrators at any time. And, here we go!



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