What? I have to get my iPad License?

The basic iPad Driver's License test certainly came as a big surprise to Medfield's Students with moderate disabilities who are attending the Summer School program. In fact, they were surprised to see a box of iPads being delivered to their classroom today!  

  For these last three weeks of Summer School, we will spend time covering basic iPad skills and previewing how iPads can be integrated into their learning for daily organization, writing and publishing of their work.

For our first week, you know the best place to start is at the beginning... with the basics. While most students have iPads at home, many have primarily used the iPad for entertainment purposes. When asked today, " What do you do on your iPad?" Every response was.. "I play games-like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja"!  This, obviously was pretty much expected.  But, students also expressed a lot of "I already know how to use my iPad!"  

That's where the test comes in! 

View, print or share the driver's test-part 1 below that identify the basic skills covered and the importance of identifying a few rules of safety & responsibility too.

Needless to say, we have some newbie iPad Drivers on the road! Give a big Shout Out to all of our students who passed their iPad test today with flying colors!  
Tune in next week for our Week 2 update when the next road test challenges students to start recording events in iCal and learn how to blog about their current events using the  Kidblog app!

*The idea of the iPad License came from Suzy Brooks, a 3rd grade teacher in Falmouth, MA. Please visit her Third Graders, Dreaming Big classroom blog for this and other innovative iPad ideas.



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