Slow Motion Science

Let's face it- there is nothing that can replace a student conducting their own hands-on Science experiments!
This pretty much still holds true in a 1:1 iPad environment.  In fact, the iPad actually takes the back seat and serves a very different purpose in these situations. Plus, you only need ONE!

Enter into Mr. Heim's 8th Science Class.
His students usually work in partners for experiments. However, the Flame Test is the one test that requires more safety procedures to be in place. Therefore, Mr. Heim takes the lead in conducting the only experiment which means most students will have to watch from a safe distance.  Can you imagine being the student sitting in the back of the class? Maybe you were absent that day?  Or the experiment happens so fast that you missed the most important part?  

Well, Mr. Heim discovered a solution to these challenges. He simply found a stand to hold his device near the experiment and the Slo Pro iPad app to record & replay the entire process in slow motion as many times as needed. 

Watch the video below to join his class in action.

*You will also notice students then documented the results by hand-drawing a chart and explaining their observations in the Explain Everything app. This makes it possible for students to later return to their own audio-visual recording of the results.   Think of how beneficial is it to be able to watch and listen to your own explanation at any time too?

Without further ado...The Flame Test!

Let's take this one step further... 
Do you think all of the Science classes had the same experience?  
Reached the same results? 
Drew the same conclusions? 

Maybe. Maybe not.
Mr. Heim now has the ability to share each recording
with each class to draw their own conclusions.

 My conclusion:  Science in slow motion can be a powerful tool!



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