Student Work: Explaining Everything about Paragraphs

Paragraph Comparisons

Mr. The Hellerstein's class has spent several weeks reading and discussing the book, The Crucibles.  Part of the literacy unit included time examining good paragraph writing in preparation when they will write their own essay.

When given two paragraphs, Mr. Hellerstein challenged his students to answer the question: Can you spot the better paragraph?

To complete the task using their iPad, students followed this work flow:

1. Get Assignment:  Get the digital copy of the two paragraphs from Mr. Hellerstein's shared class Dropbox folder.

2. Complete Assignment: Open in the screencasting app, Explain Everything.  Record explanation by narrating and marking up the paragraphs.

3. Turn in the Assignment: Export their movie directly from the Explain Everything app to the student's own Dropbox folder shared with Mr. Hellerstein.

Explain Everything is a screencasting app that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and learning through visuals, narration and annotating the screen. In these examples, students 'explain' their comparsions of the two paragraphs with details supporting their decision.



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